Why are we doing this?

We only met two years ago, but we had both been dreaming of kayaking the Inside Passage for a long time before we met. We enjoy pushing ourselves, expanding our boundaries and we love big goals. This meets all the criteria!  We both have a deep desire to see what is around the next bend, and paddling through 1,200 miles of coastal islands and waterways will be just that.

We are looking forward to paddling with whales and seeing lots of marine wildlife up close.  We are really excited about the chance to see a Spirit Bear which is a rare, all white subspecies of the American black bear.

To be honest, one of the main draws for us is to be alone and not surrounded by people.  We really enjoy the quiet of nature without all the constant distractions and small annoyances of living in a city. There is something about being outside that makes us feel free. We look forward to having 90 days to think, to learn about each other and ourselves, to dream up our next big adventure, to be excited about life and the infinite possibilities of “what’s next”?

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