About Us

Anna Grondin

Anna grew up in a family that loved to travel and try new things. If her family had a motto it would be, “I’ll at least try it once!” In high school she and her mom biked across the state of Texas and while she was studying Economics at the Colorado School of Mines, she convinced her dad to run a marathon with her. She spent most of her summers volunteering in Central and South America. After graduating she wasn’t ready to settle in a “normal” job so she worked for a while as a mentor to high school students, then remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, and worked as a guide leading week long trips through the mountains and inlets of British Columbia. She loves the desert and spends every second she can scrambling through the canyons of Utah and Arizona.

She now works as a software developer in a job that allows her to continue with her passion for experiencing new things by moving her every couple years.  She’s lived in Colorado, New Zealand, and Washington State and will be moving next to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This summer she’s taking a leave of absence to kayak the Inside Passage.

Jeremy Nylander

Jeremy was born and raised in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. Starting at a very young age, Jeremy’s parents took their family on epic adventures every weekend, and as a result, he strives to be in the outdoors as much as possible. Jeremy’s background is in carpentry, from building custom homes to working 11 seasons down in Antarctica for the National Science Foundation. As a deep field carpenter, Jeremy was transported all over the Antarctic continent setting-up and performing maintenance at remote field camps.
Jeremy’s passion for travel has never stopped. He has driven the circumference of Iceland, road-tripped the length of Chile and dodged potholes up and through Madagascar.