The end…

We paddle into the Skagway Harbor and pull our boats onto shore for the last time. The water is thick with mud, fish scraps and oil.

As with most incredible adventures, ours ends with no fanfare. There is no soundtrack pulling at our emotions, no slow zoom out to a sweeping panorama that seems to sum up the journey. Just Jeremy and I standing in mud, surrounded by people going about their lives. It seems much to abrupt.

We’ve battled wind, waves and weather. We saw and experienced things which brought tears to our eyes, quickened our pulse and kept us awake at night with amazement. We had intimate and sometimes frightening encounters with the wildlife that make up fairy tails and legends. During the long hours of paddling we contemplated our entire lives, pouring over decisions we had made, regrets, hopes, dreams. We are changed and somehow still the same, maybe richer, more open, and with a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We change out of our bibs, shower and are suddenly indistinguishable from the thousands of tourists which arrived by cruise ship. As we walk around Skagway I feel like I have a secret and no way to share it. An amazing story to tell- all that I saw, everything that happened to us, how we changed, this incredible journey…


  1. What a journey and adventure, and both of you did an excellent job with the photos and descriptions. You will have memories for life.


  2. You two are fabulous. It was a treat to meet you along the way and to then follow your adventure here. Maybe we’ll see you next time we visit Santa Fe.


  3. Words will never wholly and fully encompass the magnificent journey you have had. Thank you for sharing and helping keep the magic of expedition paddling alive! I cannot wait to return to the IP next May.


  4. I have lived a little more fully through your stories, and I can’t wait to sit and listen to more! Thanks for sharing! See you soon!


  5. did it!! Simply Amazing!!! Welcome back to civilization!! Your Memories and accomplishments will last a lifetime!! Congratulations on your Adventure!!! You still can’t have RUD back!! He’s Ian incredible Dog and Friend!! Welcome Home!!


  6. You have shared so many amazing stories and INCREDIBLE photos. Thank you. It was great sharing a few moments of your journey with you in Anan Bay. After experiencing Glacier Bay ourselves, reading your posts and watching your progress let us feel like we were still there. Allow me to wax philosophical one more time: When you finish a quest, especially one that takes you out of your comfort zone, you learn things that change you forever. You are no longer the same, and so really it’s just the beginning of a whole new adventure.
    Today I’m dreaming of walruses and the Bering Sea?


  7. We are so glad that our paths crossed at the whale skeleton at Glacier Bay. So fun to follow the rest of your kayaking adventure.
    Nancy and Rich Tobin


  8. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us all. It’s been a pleasure to read your stories along the way. Wishing you both many more adventures to come!
    ~ Amber


  9. Thank you for taking me on a very inspiring journey, l have enjoyed your journey immensely and best of luck for your future endeavors and safe paddling 🙂


  10. I have lived more fully through your stories, pictures and memories. Thank you for taking this adventure and capturing the essence of it through an amazing script which gave us insights and glimpses of what this was like for you!


  11. Thanks for taking us along on your amazing journey. Your pilgrimage became a warm and welcomed daily distraction. I found myself watching for the much-anticipated next installment to hit the inbox 😊

    Well done, well lived; I’m looking forward to possibly even more photos, yes?

    Bob Bryan


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