We’re not alone?

Campsite in Johns Hopkins Inlet

We have had Johns Hopkins Inlet to ourselves since yesterday day afternoon and it has been incredible. We are relaxing, enjoying the view and each other, happy to not have any deadlines. Our biggest concern is that I will run out of coffee tomorrow morning. A trajedy, I know.

We are discussing what we will eat for dinner. We are down to the last of our food, which isn’t to say we don’t have plenty, we just don’t have much that, when combined, will become a decent meal. I’m pondering the culinary adequacy of soy sauce flavored packaged chicken, cabbage and sweet apple couscous. Not promising.

cooking dinner

I hear Jeremy sigh and look up. Other kayakers invading our space! First one, then another then a THIRD boat round the corner and pull up on our little beach paradise. We laugh at how invasive it feels. This doubles the amount of kayakers we’ve seen in talking distance on our entire 3 month trip. It’s the first time we’ve shared a campsite with anyone and to be honest, we’re kind of grumpy about it. Silly other kayakers, this is our beach! We even discussed leaving.

But of course, after chatting with them we find they are all interesting, wonderful people. Kayaking the icy waters of Glacier Bay unguided only seems to appeal to the kind of folks we enjoy tremendously. Two Italians on a rugged vacation, a couple from Israel who have just dropped their daughter off at her first post-college job in Kodiak, AK and are taking their time seeing Alaska before they go home, and a young guy who works at the National Park out for a long weekend. We chat with each group and really enjoy being around such fun people. And, the couple from Israel gave me coffee! We share some chocolate and stories, enjoying the wonderful place we are in.

Johns Hopkins Inlet campsite in Glacier Bay National Park

Jeremy and I head off to bed feeling invigorated. Being alone out here is incredible and being with Jeremy is easy. But nearly all the people we have met along the way have been incredibly kind, open people and we realize how much we miss those interactions. The people we have met along the way are truly one of the best parts of this journey.

They also were able to give us the news that the ferry strike had been resolved. We are simultaneously happy to know it and sad that our break from schedules is over. But we have a plan that we’re excited about! We’ll spend a couple more days in Glacier Bay then take a ferry back to Juneau. Because we no longer have time to make the Southern portion of our planned trip, we will be going North to Skagway! That’s right folks, it’s not over yet 🙂


  1. We are reading this on the ferry to Skagway. I am so happy for you two, so impressed, and so envious! You both have a way of seeing the positives and nurturing the experience. You are golden.

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