What if we fail?

Jeremy was talking to his grandmother today and she asked if we were afraid to fail. It’s a good question and it has an easy answer- no.

Jeremy and I are no strangers to failure. We’ve failed at other adventures, at relationships, at goals. We are 34 and 38 and if you asked us if we’re where we thought we’d be in life at this age, we both would say no. But that’s ok. We believe life is not about whether we succeed or fail, make our goals, or hit all our milestones on schedule, it’s about whether we try. And we love trying.

We will be out for about 90 days which is a lot of time for something to go wrong. Equipment issues, weather, health- there are a lot of possible failure points. But we are well equipped to succeed. I’ve worked professionally guiding sea kayaking trips, Jeremy has worked guiding wilderness trips, we both have advanced wilderness first aid training, and we’ve been on trips that together total several years in the backcountry. We’re experienced in route finding, equipment repair, and harsh environments that range from desert to glacier and everything in between. We have the skills, the experience, the equipment and the drive for success.

But if something does go wrong and we’re not able to finish, we’ll have a hell of a fun time trying.


  1. Great post and a super cool outlook. Love you both so much and am grateful you all can do such an amazing adventure. Next summer is the Amazing Race. You both would rock it!!! Excited!


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