Gear List

Drying our gear after 11 days of rain.

This is the list of gear we took on our Inside Passage kayak trip. Much thanks to the folks at Alder Creek, Snap Dragon and Kayak Academy who spent hours talking with us, answering questions and giving us great advice and suggestions.

We wanted a comfortable trip.  We have both spent lots of time doing ultra-light backpacking and on the other end we have a very luxurious car camping setup. For this trip we wanted to be right in between. We made a conscious decision to carry more and throughout the trip we were happy with that choice. Yes, carrying our gear up and down the beach each day was a pain, but we really enjoyed sleeping and eating well. If we did the trip again, we wouldn’t change much.

We made an effort to list out every single item we took with us- from our kayaks to our sunscreen. We spent many hours researching gear to give us the best chance to complete this adventure. We hope this will help others complete their journey. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Sleep System

Our home away from home
  • Big Agnes Bird Beak SL2
  • Big Agnes Bird Beak SL2 Footprint
  • Sea to Summit Comfort Plus SI double sleeping pad
  • Enlightened Equipment Convert Synthetic Quilt – custom
  • Sea to Summit CoolMax Liner – customized by Anna’s mom to fit the double pad
  • REI Co-Op Camp Dreamer Inflatable Pillow
  • Thermarest Trekker Pillow Case
  • BioLite Light Diffusing Stuffsack Lantern
  • Black Diamond Remoji Lantern


  • Sea to Summit hammock tarp
  • REI Co-op Flexlite Chair
  • Helinox Chair One
  • Thermocell Mesquito Repellant

Anna’s Gear

Stopping to enjoy the flowers along the Inside Passage

I am 5’2″ and 110lbs. It was very hard for me to find quality kayaking gear that fit me- this was probably the most difficult part of preparing for me. There is very limited kayak gear available in women’s specific sizing and even less for small women. Most of the big brands just offer “unisex” items for women. At the time that I was purchasing gear for this trip, NRS was the only brand that made an XS drytop. Stohlquist was the only PFD manufacturer that used smaller foam inserts for smaller PFDs instead of just sizing down the straps. I tried on and tested more gear than I care to admit, but the list below worked well for me.

My boat was the biggest hurdle- I was lucky enough to find a used Impex Force Cat 3 at a local kayak store and I am so glad I did. I have paddled many larger boats before and I didn’t know what I was missing. The control I have in a kayak that actually fits me is incredible. Then next hardest thing was finding bibs and I didn’t find what I hoped for. The Kokatat bibs worked, but they didn’t fit. I even had them customized as much as Kokatat allows, but they were still pretty giant on me. If you’re also a small paddler, I hope this list helps you!

Snapdragon and Stohlquist- a match made in heaven
  • Impex Force Cat 3 Kayak
  • SnapDragon Ocean Trek Flirt Spray Skirt – custom
  • Stohlquist BetSea PFD – XS/S
  • FirstGear bladder bag
  • Platypus 1L Hoser water bladder
  • Werner Cyprus 210cm straight shaft paddle
  • Werner Cyprus 205cm bent shaft paddle
  • Sea to Summit inflatable paddle float
  • NRS Kayak Bilge Pump
  • YETI hopper sidekick for deck bag
  • SnapDragon cockpit cover
  • Gerber River Shorty Knife
  • Timex Ironman watch
  • Northwater Throw Bag and Rope
  • WindPaddle Adventure Sail
  • Harmony Sponge
  • 1/2in close cell foam pad for seat
  • Flare Gun
  • TrueFlare Pen
  • Micropur MP 1 Water Purifier Tablets
  • Premier Kayak Paddle Splash Guards
  • WindPaddle Adventure Sail
  • Bubble Foil Insulation Bag from Hello Fresh
  • Eazy Keel Strip
  • North Water PaddleBritches

Anna’s Clothing

Wandering the beaches of Glacier Bay National Park
  • NRS Women’s Flux drytop – XS
  • ArcTeryx Beta SL Hybrid rain jacket – XS * customized by Rainy Pass to have interior sleeve gaskets
  • Kokatat GoreTex bibs w/ Relief Zipper & Socks – S customized
  • Icebreaker 260 long sleeve wool shirt – S
  • Icebreaker 175 long sleeve wool shirt – S
  • Icebreaker Comet Lite sleeveless wool shirt – S
  • Icebreaker Sprite Racerback bras – XS
  • Icebreaker Siren underwear – XS
  • Kathmandu sun shirt – XS
  • Icebreaker Hyperia light wool fill jacket – XS
  • Mountain Hardwear Stretch Q down jacket – XS
  • Icebreaker mens 260 wool leggings with fly – XS
  • Icebreaker mens 200 wool leggings with fly – XS
  • Arcteryx Trino Windstopper pants – XS
  • Astral TR1 Junction Shoes – 8.5
  • Chaco ZX2 Sandals – 8.5
  • Outdoor Research waterproof hat
  • Outdoor Research wool beanie
  • Icebreaker wool hike lite crew socks – M
  • Icebreaker wool hike medium crew socks – M
  • Oakley XS Fives sunglasses
  • Mountain Hardwear fleece gloves – M
  • Glacier Glove Icy Bay – M
  • Outdoor Research ActiveIce Sun Glove – M
  • Outdoor Research Aspire GoreTex pants – XS
  • Sea To Summit Insect Shield Head Net
  • Sea To Summit Pack Towel

Jeremy’s Gear

A sunny day on the Inside Passage

I am 6 ft and 175 lbs. I have wide shoulders for my body and a narrow waist. Finding gear that fits is generally easy for me, so I spent tons of time finding what I felt was the best gear available. Over the course of the trip I had very few failures and with just a few exceptions I would wholeheartedly recommend everything on the list below.

Paddling through the rain along British Columbia’s coast
  • Lightspeed kayak Phoenix – 17′ 3″ x 25″
  • IR LoungeBand kayak backband
  • Snapdragon Expedition Series Spray skirt – Custom size
  • Stohlqhuist Drifter PFD – L/XL * customized by Rainy Pass to accept my Camelbak as a hydration backpack and survival bag
  • Werner Kalliste straight shaft kayak paddle – 220cm, small diameter shaft
  • Werner Kalliste bent shaft kayak paddle- 220cm, small diameter shaft
  • Sea to Summit inflatable paddle float
  • Harmony high volume bilge pump
  • Sea To Summit Access Deck Dry Bag Blue, One Size
  • WindPaddle Adventure Sail
  • NRS Throw Bag and Tow Belt
  • Car Sponge
  • REI Co-op Sit Pad
  • Small Crab Snare
  • TrueFlare Pen with flare and bear banger
  • Cannister Assault Bear Spray – 8oz
  • Premier Kayak Paddle Splash Guards
  • Seattle Sports Sea Rover Deck Compass
  • Sea To Summit Insect Shield Head Net
  • Micropur MP 1 Water Purifier Tablets
  • Super Blast Marine Signal Horn 1.4oz
  • Coleman Emergency Blanket Foil
  • Brunton TruArc 15 Global Mirrored Rare Earth Magnet Compass
  • Calico Pocket Lighter
  • Soto Pocket Torch with Refillable Lighter
  • Waterproof matches and holder
  • RydeSafe Reflective Decals Hexagon
  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
  • Adventure Guardian Expedition Light – Red
  • Adventure Guardian Expedition Light – White
  • Rugged exposure binoculars x 25
  • Everbilt 1/8 in. x 50 ft. Reflective Paracord, Black x 2
  • Joby GorillaPod 325 Compact Flexible Tripod
  • HEIMDALL Emergency Whistle with Lanyard for Safety
  • NRS Titanium Pilot River Knife
  • T-Reign Medium Scuba Gear Retractable Gear Tether
  • HydraPak Seeker 2L x2
  • Nite Ize No 2 S Biner Plastic Dual Carabiner x 6
  • Nite Ize No 4 S Biner Plastic Dual Carabiner x 8
  • Nite Ize No 4 metal Biner x 3
  • Emmrod Packrod Spin Fishing Pole
  • Fishing tackle
  • Eazy Keel Strip
  • Seal Line Discovery thigh cushion
  • North Water PaddleBritches
  • RITE IN THE RAIN All Weather Pocket Notebook, Universal Grid
  • CamelBak Chase Bike Vest * customized by Rainy Pass to attack to my PFD
  • 1/8″ x 12″ x 24″ Minicel L200 Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Sheets for thigh padding
  • Nite Ize RR-04-50 Rope Pack-50 FT Reflective Cord, 50 Feet, Green
  • Scotty Nylon Snap Hook Black 590

Jeremy’s Clothing

Looking out at Grand Pacific Glacier
  • Kokatat Men’s Hydrus Whirlpool Bibs w/ Relief Zipper & Socks – L
  • Kokatat Hydrus Launch Socks – M
  • Astral TR1 Mesh Water Shoe – 10.5
  • Salomon X Ultra 3 Men’s Hiking Shoe – 10.5
  • Chaco Z Cloud Sandals – 10.5
  • Kokatat Men’s Gore-Tex Paddling Jacket * customized by Rainy Pass to have extra fabric with zipper to make it a XXXL to fit over my life jacket.
  • Pepper’s Cutthroat Floater Polarized Sunglasses
  • Mosko Moto ball cap
  • Sunday Afternoon Rain Shadow hat – L
  • Outdoor Research wool Beanie
  • ArcTeryx Venta Windstopper Gloves – M
  • Glacier Glove Icy Bay – M
  • Outdoor Research Foray GoreTex pants – L
  • Arc’teryx gore tex rain jacket theta ar – M
  • Outdoor Research Men’s Ascendant Jacket – L
  • Arcteryx Trino Windstopper pants – L
  • Icebreaker Hyperia Hooded Jacket – L
  • Icebreaker 200 Oasis Leggings With Fly- L
  • Icebreaker bodyfit slim 260 Zone Long Sleeve Crewe – M
  • Terramar Black Merino Woolskins Base Layer Top – Long Sleeve – M
  • Columbia sportswear long sleeve insect Blocker shirt – M
  • Icebreaker Merino wool Cool-lite T-shirt
  • Icebreaker Merino wool Cool-lite T-shirt
  • Icebreaker Merino wool Tech Lite T-shirt
  • REI Co-op Sahara Convertible Pants – 34/32
  • Underarmor Heatgear shorts -L
  • Russell dry-power 360 – M
  • Icebreaker BodyFit 150 Ultralite Anatomica Boxer Brief merino wool – L
  • Icebreaker merino wool Cool-Lite™ fabric, Anatomica Zone Boxers – L
  • Exofficio Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Boxer Brief – L
  • Pro-Tect’s Merino Wool / Cold Weather Socks combine Copper Defense Technology – L
  • CloudLine Merino Wool Hiking & Athletic Crew Socks – L
  • SilverAir + Merino Wool crew socks – L
  • Darn Tough Hiker Merino Wool Micro Crew Socks Cushion – L
  • CloudLine Merino Wool Hiking & Athletic Ankle Socks – L
  • Outdoor Research Bugout Sun Sleeves – L/XL
  • Outdoor Research ActiveIce Sun Sleeves – L/XL
  • Outdoor Research ActiveIceFull Sun Gloves – M
  • Casio Mens AQ160W Ana-Digital watch


Lunch on the beach
  • REI Mesh Gear Bag
  • MSR DragonFly stove
  • MSR DragonFly repair kit
  • MSR Fuel Bottle 30oz x2
  • MSR Fuel Bottle 20oz
  • GSI Pinnacle FryPan 10 in
  • GSI Pinnacle BaseCamper 1.5L pot
  • OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Small Spatula
  • Walmart small whisk
  • GSI Outdoor Campwear Serving Bowl (Jeremy)
  • Sea to Summit Delta Bowl (Anna)
  • Sea to Summit Delta Long Handled Spoons
  • Sea to Summit Alpha Lite Fork
  • MSR Fork
  • Sea to Summit Utensil & Peg Bag
  • Walmart plastic plates
  • Raku Cutlery Ceramic Knifes – 5in chopping & 3in paring
  • Platypus .5L Soft Bottle for olive oil
  • Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee Mug
  • Sea To Summit Delta insulated mug
  • Flexible cutting board
  • Backcountry Oven
  • P38 Can opener
  • MSR Trail Base Gravity Water Filter
  • Platypus .5L Soft Bottle
  • Platypus 1L Soft Bottle
  • Platypus 3L Big Zip LP Water Bag x2
  • MSR Dromedary 6L
  • Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink 10L
  • Archer Silicone Suction Lid 10in
  • Nalgene 30mL container x2
  • Coghlans Squeeze Tube
  • HumanGear 100mL GooTube
  • Lock & Lock square .6 oz containers x2
  • BernieDawg DragonTamer “silent” damper cap for the MSR Dragonfly stove

Dry Bags and Haul Bags

Every dry bag was loaded and unloaded daily.
  • Kraken Aquatics Mesh Duffle Gear Bag
  • Blue rectangular Ikea style bag
  • SealLine Bulkhead Dry Bag 20L x2
  • SealLine Bulkhead Dry Bag 35L x2
  • SeaLine Mapcase – M
  • SealLine Mapcase – L
  • Outdoor Research AirPurge Dry Compression Sack 35L
  • SealLine Baja – 10L
  • SealLine Baja – 5L
  • Sea To Summit Big River – 35L
  • Sea To Summit Big River – 20L x2
  • SealLine Blocker 20L
  • SealLine Blocker 15L
  • SealLine Blocker 10L
  • SealLine Discovery View Bag – 5L x3
  • SealLine Discovery View Bag – 10L x3
  • SealLine Discovery View Bag – 20L
  • SealLine Discovery Bag – 10L x2
  • SealLine Discovery Bag – 5L x2
  • Clear Choice Dry Bag 10L
  • Clear Choice Dry Bag 4.5L
  • NRS HydroLock Ether – 2.5L
  • Outdoor Dry Isolation Pack
  • Pelican 1020 case x3

Repair Kit

Repair kit used in the field to fix a hole in Anna’s kayak along the Alaskan coast
  • PC Products 4 oz. PC-Pool Putty Epoxy
  • Leatherman with pliers
  • Scissors
  • Zip ties
  • Small roll of gorrila tape
  • Soft cable clamps
  • KBS Patch small fiberglass UV light curing repair patch 6″ x 9″
  • KBS Patch fiberglass UV light curing repair patch 9″ x 12″
  • Needle and thread
  • Extra buckles
  • Small piece of sand paper
  • Tear-aid patch
  • Aqua seal
  • Tent pole splint
  • Small tube of super glue
  • Stove field repair kit
  • Safety pin
  • Paracord
  • Spare bolts for boat
  • J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy – 2 oz.


Re-charging our electronics while watching a grizzly swim off shore
  • Icom M25 VHF Marine Transceiver
  • Icom M25 VHF Marine Transceiver
  • Goalzero Nomad 7 solar charging panel
  • X-DRAGON 20000mAh Solar Charger Portable Power Bank
  • Boom Swimmer waterproof speaker x 2
  • JBL Reflect Mini 2 wireless ear buds
  • Samsung galaxy s8 Cell Phone x 2
  • Spot Gen 3 Satellite GPS Personal Tracker
  • Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Universal Portable Charger
  • Olympus TG-5 Waterproof camera x 2
  • Olympus TG-5 Waterproof screen Protector x 2
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4 Camera x 2
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4 Camera screen portector x 2
  • Pny Elite Performance 64 GB flash Memory Class 10 SD card
  • Sony AGRD Attachment Grip
  • Outdoor Research Sensor Dry Pocket – Smartphone Large
  • Energizer Lithium Batteries, AA x 4
  • Energizer Lithium Batteries, AAA x 4
  • Olympus Li-ion battery charger UC-90
  • Sony Battery and Travel DC Charger Kit
  • Sony NP-BX1/M8 Lithium-Ion X Type Battery x 6
  • Olympus Li-92 Rechargeable Battery x 6

First Aid

  • Epipen
  • Transderm Scop motion sickness patch
  • TheTentLab The Deuce #2 UL Backcountry Trowel
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion
  • Sawyer Picaridin Lotion 14-hour Insect Repellent
  • EmeTerm Motion Sickness Wristband
  • Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm
  • Coppertone Sport Stick SPF 55 Sunscreen-0.6 oz
  • Misc bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Amoxicillin x2 7 day doses
  • Aleve
  • Anti diarrhea medicine

Books and Maps

You just can’t go wrong with paper maps
  • The Wild Coast 2 written by John Kimantas
  • Kayaking the Inside Passage written by Robert H Miller
  • Alaska Marine Charts by NOAA
  • Canadian Marine Charts by Canada Surveys and Mapping Branch Department Of Energy, Mines and Resources
  • Alaska’s Inside Passage Map by National Geographic
  • Waterproof Charts, Standard Navigation, 83 Pacific Northwest

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