Hummus, crackers and veggies

Dried hummus

1 box of Sadaf Dried Hummus with Tahina

Olive oil


1 box crackers

2 large carrots

2 large radishes

Ok you dont have to be a vegetarian or vegan to eat hummus. Hummus is a great source of protein and fibre. Not much makes up hummus but chickpeas and spices. It is high in iron, folate, phosphorus and vitamin B. This meal weighs nearly nothing because you add the water when you make it and it will last a long time if you dont eat it right away. Fast to prepare and you can dip nearly every vegetable in it.

Add mix to Tupperware, stir in 1 1/4 water and then drizzle olive oil all over top to add more fat and taste. Then squeeze lemon across for extra flavor if you have one. Cut vegetables to dipping size and eat.

If you want even more flavor place dried peppers in water 15 min before eating, then drain water and garnish rehydrated peppers.


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