Grenville Channel Part 2

The next day we had a later start as the favorable tide was later in the day. We ate scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, drank coffee and set off for what looked like an enjoyable day. We started by crossing Klewnuggit Inlet and the channel to be back on the West side and just as we made the crossing the winds picked up. Not wanting to relive the waves of the day before we decided to stop early of our planned destination. The evening usually sees calmer waters that remain calm through the night and until the afternoon the next day, but surf beat the beach we camped on all night.

Mink running across shore

We woke up at 5 am to hard rain and still hard surf. Looking out our tent the waves where still crashing. An hour later nothing had changed. An hour later still no change. So we did what anyone with 90 days of no work and no real responsibilities would do- we stayed in bed and talked and dreamed about our future until 4:30 pm when the rain let off a bit. We made pancakes, read, combed the beach and talked about life. Eventually the wind and waves relented and the waters calmed. We went to bed early hoping the weather would hold for the morning.

Hanging out in our tent

The next morning looked good- a little rain but calm waters. We headed out with high hopes for the day. The tide took us out and we passed more intriguing inlets and rivers, talked about the plans we had made the day before and had a pleasant morning and afternoon paddling out of the Grenville Channel.

Sunlight on slopes in Grenville Channel


  1. When I saw “Grenville Channel Part 2,” it was like, “oooh, Part 2!”
    And so it sounds like you are definitely paddling the Inside Passage, with all its’ ephemeral quirks!


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