Ceaser pasta salad with bacon goodness

Pasta salad
  • 1 box of Suddenly Pasta Salad Caesar
  • Olive oil
  • 1 bag of Hormel Real Bacon Bits, 6 ounce pouch
  • Carrot
  • Bell pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Radishes

So sometimes you just need something different than cheese crackers and meat or PBH. We found this pasta salad refreshing and a treat because of how different it was and the crunchy vegetables. We recommend making it the night before to save time on cooking and it let’s the oil set in on the saled.

Start by dicing all the vegetables up and placing in your bowl. Boil the noodles until soft, drain, let cool. Then add toppings from package. Add 1/2 bag of bacon (could use any style of dried meat: pepperoni or beef/chicken jerky). Mix in olive oil until you have all the salad and vegetables well coated. Before bed re-stir salad and then again in morning. When you pull up to shore for lunch everything is ready to eat. 

If you need more energy cube some smoked Gouda cheese and toss it in.


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